Bitcoin Suddenly Leaps To $30,000 Following Refuted IShares Spot ETF Approval Report

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Cryptocurrency markets experienced a sudden surge in bitcoin prices following a now-debunked report on a bitcoin ETF approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The erroneous report initially propelled bitcoin’s value to the $30K mark. However, the momentum was short-lived as the digital currency’s price soon plummeted to around $28K, stirring volatility within the market.

The now-deleted X post prompting this reaction came from the cryptocurrency news site Cointelegraph. It claimed that BlackRock’s
iShares division, dedicated to exchange-traded funds, had secured the SEC’s approval for a pioneering bitcoin spot ETF. The news spread like wildfire, triggering the market reaction that pushed bitcoin prices to $30K within the hour.

The news quickly gained traction and was further propagated by coverage appearing in Reuters, among other outlets. This sequence of events led to a significant market reaction, prompting bitcoin’s price to briefly soar to the $30K mark.

However, official confirmations from both the SEC and Nasdaq refuted these claims. BlackRock itself issued a statement clarifying that their proposed bitcoin spot ETF was still under review by the SEC, as reported by Blockworks. As this morning’s events unfolded, it catalyzed a sharp rise in liquidations, nearing a staggering $100 million.

The Impact Of A Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

In June, BlackRock’s iShares division, a giant in the fund management sector, submitted documents to the SEC proposing the establishment of a bitcoin spot ETF. As detailed in the submission, the proposed entity, the iShares Bitcoin Trust, plans to primarily hold bitcoin via a custodian representing the trust. The documents designate the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase as the expected custodian.

The approval of a bitcoin spot ETF by the SEC could significantly augment mainstream acceptance of bitcoin investing, increasing its accessibility to a broader investor base. While its status is still pending, BlackRock’s decision to file for a bitcoin spot ETF marks a critical juncture in the evolution of the cryptocurrency market. When the SEC does make its decision, it will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the market and could potentially shape the future of cryptocurrency investments.

The recent bitcoin price surge and subsequent fall, triggered by the now-debunked report, underscore the potential volatility in the cryptocurrency market. While the incident has highlighted the market’s sensitivity to news about ETF advancements, it also serves as a reminder of the ongoing anticipation and speculation surrounding the approval of a bitcoin spot ETF. As the SEC continues its review process, all eyes will be on this potentially game-changing development in the cryptocurrency market.

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