Buy Manhattan Associates And Adobe. Both stocks are highly ranked cyclically.

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This is option expiration week in the month of October. The S&P has generally risen in such weeks, but has tended to be down in the following week.

October has been the strongest month for the share price of Manhattan Associates
. The stock has risen 65% of the time over the last 25 years. The average rise has been quite high, 8.7%. From October 10th to November 6th, the stock has risen 72% of the time. The company is due to report on the 25th. The announcement is likely to be met with buying. The $215 area is a reasonable target.

Manhattan Associates Daily

Manhattan Associates Monthly Expected Return

has also been strong in October, up 71% of the time for an average gain of 6%. From the 10th of this month to November 16th, price has risen 75% of the time. The stock has been in a trading range. The stock will likely reach $580 or higher by November.

Adobe Daily

Adobe Monthly Histogram

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