These money and investing tips prepare your portfolio for any October surprise

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Stocks are stuck in the breakdown lane and repairs will take time

Investors can expect the U.S. market to post lower highs and lower lows. Read More

Dividend Aristocrats may shine again if the Fed causes another bad year for the stock market

ETFs holding the Dividend Aristocrats fared well during the down market in 2022, and still-rising interest rates may set up a similar environment for investors. Read More

There’s a sale on corporate bonds. How to add cheap Apple, Disney and Microsoft bonds to your portfolio.

Almost 1,500 high-grade corporate bonds issued by some household names are currently trading between 50 and 80 cents on the dollar. Read More

Amazon’s and Google’s stocks could be a ‘win-win’ even if both companies face government-ordered breakups

Both companies are expected to keep growing quickly, and if either Amazon or Alphabet is broken up, investors might be sitting pretty. Read More

Why stocks are likely to be especially volatile this October

October far and away is the most volatile month of the year for the U.S. market. Read More

Climate change meets political change: Key 2024 election issues for ESG investors

ESG investors must factor in anti-ESG backlash, the investment impact of climate events and pending SEC climate regulation. Read More

If you think stocks have gotten too expensive, this ETF’s strategy may work for your portfolio

The Invesco BuyBack Achievers ETF has beaten the S&P 500’s return over the past three years and for 15 years. Read More

The S&P 500 is still overvalued — even with the correction. Here’s why.

The stock market can’t count on valuations to stop the current correction and lead to a resumption of the bull market. Read More

Volatility knocks: Here’s how you can use the VIX to beat the stock market

Stocks perform better when volatility is low Read More

Let’s debunk the bears’ top arguments against further stock market gains

Reports of a recession have been greatly exaggerated, writes Michael Brush. Read More

Semiconductor companies are in denial about potentially losing their biggest customers

Makers of computers, smartphones and other products are designing semiconductor chips in-house. Read More

What a government shutdown would do to Social Security payments — and what you really should be worried about

Failure to approve a budget is different than hitting the government’s debt ceiling Read More

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